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Healthy food, for a few years now, is not the milestone of the restaurant world and has finally turned into a solid reality.
Everyone is keen to clarify that food must be healthy, organic, grown without chemicals and preservatives.
We fully agree with this philosophy, so that we have made it our own.
We want to reach with our concept of a healthy diet to as many people as
This is how Mealife was born, the healthy food to eat with taste.
Eating healthy food means paying attention to rules and regulations to eat in a
healthy way without giving up the pleasure of good food.
We wanted to use our brand food 100% Made in Italy, trying to export first of all the concept of a healthy and proper diet connected to this nutritional scheme.

Vocation for

Italian Cuisine

The Italian one is a real vocation for cooking!
Following a healthy diet plan also means cooking meals with suitable cooking
We use the technique of vacuum cooking, a low temperature cooking technique,
thanks to which it is possible to cook food closed inside special and proper
containers. Temperature is a very essential component in the preparation of a
dish. With this technique foods are assembled raw, with any sauces and condiments, in special bags, and then they are emptied of the internal air by
means of a professional extreme vacuum machine, and then they are slowly cooked in immersion. Once cooked, the food can be removed from its package and eaten or stored in the refrigerator. The food is protected by the bag and does not come into direct contact with the external cooking environment, therefore oxygen has no chance to penetrate inside and food does not risk to oxidize. With vacuum cooking, foods do not lose their natural color nor their nutritional properties. All the flavors remain inside as well as all the vitamins and minerals. Therefore foods are tastier, healthier and more colorful.

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